King Drasil, also known by its real name "2-9000-WZ", is the true main antagonist of Digimon Data Squad. It is leader of the Digital World and the Royal Knights, Drasil puts his knights in a war against the humans due to an earlier misunderstanding with Spencer Damon.



King Drasil is arrogant and dark, not to mention extremely critical. Being the king of the Digital World, Drasil can manipulate every element in the area to attack the humans in the Real World, but much like many corrupt leaders, he prefers to send his Royal Knights to do his wishes. King Drasil is extremely hateful towards humans or any Digimon that volunteers to help them, although his xenophobia can be assumed to have been caused by another xenophobe from the Real World, Akihiro Kurata. While possessing Spencer's body, his powers are, indeed, limited to skill and strength, but once he regains his original form, he is able to create vine-like limbs to attack his enemies. Also, Drasil protects his opinions no matter what, and is openly decided to begin the Digital World anew only to keep his point of view intact. However, Drasil is capable of changing his point of view after Marcus reasons with him, after he learns the truth about humans. He is by far the darkest incarnation of the many versions of Yggdrasil that exist throughout the countless parallel Digital Worlds, as others have been shown to be passive, indifferent or benevolent beings.



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  • King Drasil is a reference to "Yggdrasil", the "world tree" in Norse mythology, which explains Drasil's palace and forms (the Server Tree and his vine-like limbs).